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It's always better to toast a great trip with friends...

And your friend thinks you would make a great travel companion!

Welcome to our Refer-A-Friend Program. You have been invited by a friend or family member to book your next cruise vacation with us and earn yourself a travel voucher for $25.

For a limited time when you refer your friend or family to Expedia Cruises Ottawa, you can both get $25 cruise vouchers. Got a lot of friends? You can collect up to $250 in cruise vouchers per cruise booked.

What am I claiming?

One of your contacts has graciously entered you into our referral program. This means you have earned yourself a $25 voucher applicable towards your next cruise. To use this voucher, you must claim it by providing some contact information.

Why do need to provide contact information?

We need to attach the voucher to a name and an email address. You will also be assigned to a friendly travel advisor to help you plan your next cruise vacation.

There are no purchases necessary and you can opt out at any time.

Can I earn more vouchers?

Absolutely! Just enroll as a referrer yourself and start sending out referrals. You will earn additional vouchers in no time! It pays to travel with friends and family.

There are ocean ships and river ships but there is nothing better than friendships!

Become a referrer now!

Build your travel fund with referrals

Every time you refer a friend you earn a voucher for $25 towards the cruise fare on booking. You can combine up to 10 referral vouchers per booking for a total of $250.

Do you have more than 10 referrals? That’s OK, we will be happy to apply those to the next booking. Maybe the one you will do onboard.

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Refer a Friend and Get Up to $250 in Cruise Vouchers!

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