Jamaica, come and visit!

Thinking of travelling but are concerned about safety measures and guidelines? let me put your minds to rest.

The feeling of safety began at the Ottawa Airport. Everyone wore masks, sanitizing stations were everywhere, a nurse takes your temperature and asks you to fill out a questionnaire and understand the rules and expectations.

The flight was filled to 50% capacity, which gave each passenger the comfort of social distancing. The transfer from the airport to the resort was once again filled to 50% capacity. Hands are sanitized upon entering the bus and masks are kept on. When you arrive at the Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Jamaica, your temperature is once again taken, your luggage is sanitized, and everyone is wearing masks.

Masks are mandatory everywhere on the resort, except for in your rooms, or outside. Masks must be kept on when ordering drinks or food. When entering either the restaurants or buffet area, they check your temperature, direct you to the sanitizing station then to your table. Masks can be removed once you are seated. Restaurants are at a minimal capacity and the buffet is available, but the staff serves the food. Lunch is only served at the Beach Area.

The Jerk Chicken was amazing and was pretty much my daily lunch choice. There is a different theme every night for dinner which was a la carte due to low occupancy. I have visited many all-inclusive resorts and have to say that the food here was by far one of the very best. (the few extra pounds that I brought back was an attestation to this).

There are several beach options from large sandy, seaweed and rock free to smaller, snorkeler’s paradise ones that are filled with an abundance of colorful fish. All the beaches were clean, the water was warm and clear.

The entertainment was mostly bands playing by the Lobby Bar, however, there is a Congo type show one night a week with lots of pyrotechnics. That was pretty cool! This resort has an air-conditioned indoor theatre where social distancing is always enforced.

While in Jamaica, Christopher Linton and I booked a 3-hour tour with #chrisjamaicatours to Bob Marley’s birthplace. This was a must-do experience.

I must admit that I felt safer at this resort than shopping at Costco or Walmart back home.

I practiced physical distancing, wore a mask, washed, and sanitized my hands often and I disinfected my insides with amazing Jamaican Rum.

As we all know, there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine when returning home. I spent this time catching up on emails, and yes, possibly having a few beers.

My final thought is this…. If you are interested in travelling, then hit me up as there are many amazing deals right now.


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