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Visit Kodiak, Homer, Valdez & Wrangell in addition to Anchorage, Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan. See the majestic beauty as we sail thru Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier and the inside passage.

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Day 1

Date : May 5, 2024

Vancouver, B.C., CA

Once a trading post and a rough-and-tumble sawmilling settlement, today modern Vancouver, Canada is many things. Cruise to Vancouver and visit this bustling seaport. This city is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts looking for active things to do in Vancouver an ethnically diverse metropolis, and Hollywood of the North. Hemmed in by mountains and sea, Vancouver seduces visitors with its combination of urban sophistication and laid-back attitude against a backdrop of glass towers and modern sights and plentiful green spaces.

Day 2

Date : May 6, 2024

At Sea

Day 3

Date : May 7, 2024

At Sea

Day 4

Date : May 8, 2024

Kodiak, Alaska, US

Kodiak is all about bears. And what bears! This unique subspecies named for the Kodiak Archipelago where they are found evolved in isolation for around 12,000 years and can reach heights of 3 meters, or 10 feet, when standing on their hind legs. One of the world’s largest carnivores, the bears have a diet that goes far beyond meat (they can sleep for up to eight months, then wake up ravenous to feast predominantly on grass, plants, berries and fish). About 3,500 live on this tiny island, meaning you have a great chance of seeing one, if not many, from May through October!

Day 5

Date : May 9, 2024

Anchorage, Alaska, US

From ice-blue glaciers to beluga whales and the famous bore tide, a single cruise to Anchorage, Alaska will considerably shorten any nature-lover’s bucket list. Nestled between mountains and the Cook Inlet terminus, near many national and state parks, this hospitable haven is one of the best places to see Alaska wildlife. A city moose roaming the streets (there are about 1,500) is a regular sight and views of whales, puffins, otters, and Dall porpoises going about their days is just a short excursion away. Cruises to Anchorage are a must for those that want some of the most incredible bear viewing in the country.

Day 6

Date : May 10, 2024

Homer, Alaska, US

Take an Alaska cruise and explore Homer – a small city in the Kenai Peninsula. This plucky little town sells End of the Road certificates to visitors who've motored here to the furthest reach of the Kenai Peninsula. It's something worth celebrating: a drive down the world's longest street that protrudes into the ocean! But walkers, bikers and in-line skaters can also experience the thrill, thanks to a 6.5-kilometer-long (four-mile-long) paved multiuse trail.

Day 7

Date : May 11, 2024

Valdez, Alaska, USA

A paradise for fishing enthusiasts, Valdez offers every kind of salmon, huge halibut and ample opportunity to reel them in. Rivers and streams spill into the Sound here and are ideal for kayaking.

Day 8

Date : May 12, 2024

At Sea

Day 9

Date : May 13, 2024

Juneau, Alaska, US

Cruise to Juneau, Alaska and visit the most remote, most beautiful and strangest state capital in the United States. Surrounded by water, forest and mountain sights, visitors seeking things to do in Juneau indoors and outdoors can hike a glacier, eat fresh-caught fish on a seaside patio and tour a grand capitol building all in one day.

Day 10

Date : May 14, 2024

Skagway, Alaska, US

At the height of the Klondike Gold Rush, the port town of Skagway served as the primary gateway to the legendary gold fields, and quickly grew into Alaska’s largest settlement. It was then a raucous frontier hub packed with trading posts, saloons and guesthouses. As the gold rush faded into the 1900s, so did Skagway—but today it has been reinvigorated as a gateway for a new kind of visitor: those looking to explore Alaska’s colorful history, pristine wildlife and unrivaled natural beauty.

Day 11

Date : May 15, 2024

Scenic Cruising Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier

Endicott Arm is a 30-mile fjord that snakes through the Tracy Arm-Fords Wilderness Area. At the head is the majestic Dawes Glacier. Find a good spot on our spacious decks or get cozy on your verandah and take in the views. Glide past waterfalls that spool like silver ribbons from soaring mountain peaks. As you go deeper into the narrow fjord, the water changes color from gray to jade, the temperatures dip and the bergy bits (ice chunks) become larger and more plentiful.

Day 12

Date : May 16, 2024

Wrangell, Alaska, US

Just outside of Wrangell, explore Tlingit culture, through authentic stories, intricately carved totem poles and dance, at the Chief Shakes Tribal House—built mainly by hand and largely by women.

Day 13

Date : May 17, 2024

Ketchikan, Alaska, US

Take an adventure and cruise to Ketchikan, Alaska. Alaska's "First City" of Ketchikan is so named because it’s the first major landfall for most cruisers as they enter the picturesque fjords of the Inside Passage, where the town clings to the banks of the Tongass Narrows, flanked by green forests nurtured by abundant rain.

Day 14

Date : May 18, 2024

Scenic Cruising The Inside Passage

Alaska’s Inside Passage is a protected network of waterways that wind through glacier-cut fjords and lush temperate rain forests along the rugged coast of Southeast Alaska. Arguably one of the greatest cruising routes in the world, the Inside Passage stretches through stunning landscapes, from Misty Fjords National Monument to famed Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve.

  • 2 Shore excursions each with a $100 Shore Excursion Credit.
  • The Elite Beverage Package which includes a large selection of top-shelf wine, beer, spirits and cocktails, and non-alcoholic options like sodas, specialty coffees and more - with service charges included.
  • Two award-winning specialty dining experiences, one at the Pinnacle Grill, and one at the Tamarind.
  • Premium Wi-Fi so you can stay connected throughout your journey with premium satellite Wi-Fi. Surf the web, use social media, check email and send messages to friends and family.
  • Prepaid stateroom crew gratuities.
  • Price Protection. If you find a cheaper price for an identical booking within the duration of this Early Booking Bonus Offer.

Plus additional group amenities (TBD)

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