5 Tips to Plan a Great Family Winter Getaway

As some so eloquently put it; It’s the most beautiful time of the year for parents. Kids are going back to school, but most importantly, it’s winter vacation planning time. Every year I’m astonished at how so many Canadians cannot even fathom planning a winter vacation gateway during the summer. It almost seems sacrilegious to do so. Sure our kids only have the limited 8 weeks of summer break, and that seems to be the only time we get to enjoy our cottages, RVs or backyards, but we need to remember the winters are long.

Let’s get one thing straight here, the one thing that is guaranteed in Canada its Winter, even though we chose to ignore it for 8 weeks, you will remember its wrath come January.

The winter family vacation is the ultimate place to recharge and rOTAnnect as a family. Please see below my top tips on making your family gateway a fun and memorable one without breaking the bank.

5. Timing is Everything

It’s sure that most family vacations all happen during school breaks. Winter Holidays, spring break and even summer break. This, in turn, affects the markets. When people are all travelling the same week, options are limited, and prices go up. Airfare for one is typically double during these peak travel times.

Start shopping early for your destination. Don’t wait too long as the options get slimmer as we approach the preferred travel dates. If your kids are not in school yet, try to stay away from the primetime such spring break. If you are comfortable taking the kids away for a week outside the school breaks, that is where you will find the best savings. Ask the teach for their school work and take it with you.

4. Make a List of Destinations

As much as timing is an essential aspect of your vacation, so is the destinations. After all, it’s the top reasons for travelling. We are going somewhere to enjoy and experience different things.

You typically want to make a list of top destinations you want to go to. Try and collect 3 to 5 places and rank them in order of priority. Haven’t been to one place in the last 5 years? Maybe it’s time to go back a see what’s new. Always wanted to see an attraction, a wonder of the world? List them instead of actual resorts or specific countries.

3. Consider Cruising

If you never considered a cruise vacation, you should seriously look into them. Cruises offer the best bang for your dollar. Cruise vacations can almost guarantee beautiful weather and lots of sunshine, they are moving resorts and can go where the sunshine is.

Caribbean cruises stop at many islands allowing you to hit multiple destinations on your list. Have a beach day in the morning and spend the afternoon poolside. Explore, adventure, experience. The plethora of options allows for tailoring your vacation to your family’s style.

2. Create a budget / Start Saving

Try and set your budget early into your research and thought process. This will allow you time to start saving and narrow some of the experiences you want to do and destinations you can afford to go.

Another vital budget factor is planning for daily spends while on vacation for shopping, excursions and other activities sometimes not included.

1. Bring it all together with a Travel Advisor

And finally but more importantly, bring all of this information to a friendly passionate travel advisor. Their free services will help you tie in all of your like, ambitions and requirements under your planned budget. Travel consultants know the destination and timing the best. They will be able to give your great advice on where to go and when to go according to your families likes and style.

Family vacations are the ultimate way to get away from our harsh winters, short days and recharge with sunshine and fun. Summer is over, but you can still enjoy some sun this winter. We hope we can help make your family winter getaway a great one.

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