#5 – Ocean Front 1 Bedroom Villa or Over the Water Bungalow?

How to decide…how to decide? Budget alone can be the decision factor as there is a large cost difference. One would think to themselves “I am travelling all this way this. I have to get an over the water bungalow”.  My choice was an ocean front villa. I did like the idea saving some money, but I wanted the feeling of walking out of the villa, feeling the sand between my toes, and then the water on my feet. I do not regret my choice.

The over the water bungalows did have some additional features such as a glass bottom floor, extra privacy, and direct access to the water. However some of the bungalows were a far walk along the dock from the beach and other amenities. When I am on a beach vacation I go into the ultimate lazy mode. No extra walking for this traveller. Most travellers do not consider this when looking at photographs.

#4 The Outdoor Bathroom

I know…who talks about a bathroom travelling to the Maldives and I do realize this topic is based on the resort and not the country. The bathroom in our villa was half outside and half inside. The toilet and sink were under a roof that extended from the villa. The walls were concrete, painted white and approx. 10ft high with no roof. It may sound like a prison, but there was as sense of freedom and at one with nature. Within the concrete walls there was shower, private hot tub and chaise lounge.

One of the purposes of the chaise lounge was to allow guests to sunbath in the nude. The Maldives is a Muslim country and does not permit women to sunbath topless. The outdoor bathroom allows an alternative option. Ever since this experience, I have wanted my husband to build an outdoor shower at our cottage but seems a little impractical as it only could be used 2 months of the year.

#3 – Wild Animal and Marine Life

We stayed on Meeru island for 2 weeks. There was some concern about getting bored lying on the beach all day, every day. Although the R and R was much needed, it wasn’t boring at all. As I lay in the sand, the water splashing on me, reef sharks and sting rays swam up and down the shore line without a care in the word. Herons strutted in the water looking for food and flew above the ocean. Lizards ran up and down the paths. Geckos crawled near the exterior light of our villa at night. 

Bats hung upside down in the palm trees.  Every day I would go snorkelling and see many different types of fish of brilliant colours.  We went scuba diving a couple times and came close to sea turtles. Lastly on our sunset boat ride, we saw a pod of dolphins playing in the water. The wild animal and marine life definitely added to our experience.  

#2 –  The Maldives could Disappear

The Maldives is located southwest of India.  If you’re looking for a trip to Madives from Canada you should know that the country is made up of approx 1200 islands. The average elevation is 1.5m and therefore with rising oceans levels, one day the islands will be submerged. Our particular resort is an island itself. It is 1.2km long and 350m wide. It was like being on our own private island.  

#1 – Not Wearing Shoes

On Meeru Island, the entire island is sand including the restaurant areas.  Going for meal there was no need to wear shoes.  Flip flops were acceptable, but not required. It certainly was a weird feeling a first, but then super cool. This was also a bonus when it was high tide and the water was blocking are path to the dining area. Don’t worry there was another path, but who wants to take the “boring” way.  No need for stilettos at this resort.   

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